Biodiversity Studies
ISSN: 2791- 7347
e-ISSN: 2979-9376

Biodiversity Studies

2023, Vol 2, Num, 1     (Pages: 015-017)

Irpex lacteus: A New Record for the Turkish Mycota

Ertuğrul SESLİ 1

1 Trabzon University, Fatih Faculty of Education, Department of Mathematics and Science Education, Trabzon, Türkiye

DOI: 10.56494/bist.2023.12
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Basidiomata of Irpex lacteuscollected from Sevinç neighbourhood of Maçka district in Trabzon province represent a new record for the Turkish mycota. New record is characterized by cream-colored, whitish, slightly yellowish semi-pileate or pileate, tomentose and zoned basidiomata; smooth, cylindrical, ellipsoid, hyaline and 4.5−7 × 2−3 µm basidiospores

Keywords : Irpex, new record, Türkiye, zildişlek